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Bart Beasley

Bart Beasley is the owner and operator of the Charleston-based Beasley Custom Builders and an avid fly fisherman. Growing up in Lavonia, Georgia, Bart has always been connected to the outdoors. The waters of the south hold a special place in his heart. Bart is an active outdoorsman with many different interests including hunting, but fly fishing has always been his go-to.

It started when he was a boy. It was kindled by his father.

For years, Bart’s father worked as a farmer, taking the time to fly fish whenever he could. In the 1980s, Bart’s father came into the position to make fly fishing more than just a hobby. He quit farming and began working as professional fly fishing guide, leading groups of skilled and amateur anglers on trips. Thus, the sport became an integral part the Beasley home.

Bart grew up with a rod and reel in his hand. In fact, he doesn’t even remember learning how to fish — it was just always what the Beasley family did. On the weekends and even on some week days before school, Bart’s father would take Bart out to fly fish.

For them, fly fishing was more than just a hobby, it was a way of life.

Bart would graduate high school in 1994 and after a little college, decided that he would rather get right to work. He started working full time, running a framing crew, putting up houses in Athens, Georgia. After a time he would move on to working for a larger building production company in Charleston, South Carolina. After years of working in the area, Bart gathered the connections and the funs to found his own building company, Beasley Custom Builders, in 2006.

During the summers of 1999 to 2003, Bart was able to work full time with his father has a fly fishing guide in Calgary, Canada. Working for an outfitter, they would pick up their clients in the morning and take them out for a full day of trout fishing.

This time spent with his father, fishing professionally and sharing that with others, is among Bart’s fondest memories.

bart beasley charleston tarpon

Bart Beasley holding Tarpon off of the Florida Keys

Even after his time with his father in Canada, and amongst his burgeoning home building career, Bart has managed to fish as much as possible. He often treks out to the North Carolina and Georgia mountains, specifically Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, to fish for trout. He regularly makes it out to the Florida Keys to fish for Tarpon. Tournament fishing has become one of Bart’s passions. He fishes in a couple of the Tarpon Fly tournaments held in the Keys each year.

Now with a family of his own, Bart is excited to share the Beasley tradition of fly fishing with his kids. His children are five and three and a half, and are learning to cast. It’s a special thing; to pass down a beloved activity you shared with your father to your own children. Fly fishing has been called, “the contemplative man’s recreation,” and Bart now contemplates the tremendous good the sport has done him and his family. It is a life style for the Beasley house.